Spirit Flower Geodes. A new rare and exciting addition to the mineral world !

Spirit Flower Geodes. A new rare and exciting addition to the mineral world !

Barrie Goddess Crystals' is pleased to be able to bring you this exclusive rare mineral find !!

Spirit Flower Geodes 

Spirit Flower Geodes 

The Spirit Flower Geodes are a new find from San Benito, Chihuahua, México.
These geodes are a combination of Chalcedony, Fluorite and quartz.

 This year heralds the discovery of a new kind of geode, called Spirit Flower. These unusual geodes are composed of a blend of Chalcedony and Fluorite, and they were found in San Benito, Chihuahua, Mexico. They are quite beautiful, combining the soft contours of botryoidal blue-white Chalcedony with sparkling crystals of purple Fluorite. And the energies of these geodes are even more lovely than their appearance! 



   It is fitting that Spirit Flower Geodes are found in the countryside of San Benito, since "Benito" means "blessed." Holding one of these stones at the heart chakra and inviting its currents to enter, one's chest is immediately filled with soft, calming energies that are deeply soothing to the emotional body. As the currents continue to flow in, the energy rises from the heart and moves up to the third eye. The entire space from the heart to the third eye fills with sweetness, as if a beautiful flower were growing there and opening hundreds of tiny blossoms. This energy is remarkably stable, and it lends a blissful power to one's energy field––centered in the column from the heart to the third eye, and emanating throughout one's vibrational field. 

 Spirit Flower Geodes are helpful allies for those doing inner work in emotional healing. Its peaceful, loving energies work to cleanse one of the shadows of old wounds, and of fixations attached to them. They support inner clarity of mind, as well as emotional stability. If one struggles with confusion or moodiness, Spirit Flower Geodes can help to replace stress with serenity. Those who meditate with stones will find Spirit flower Geodes to be very helpful. When one opens to their vibrations, one's consciousness if filled with a pleasant, patient centeredness that calms the restless mind and allows one to go easily into deep inner states. 



Spirit Flower Geodes support the body in bringing all of its systems into harmonious accord, which is essential for good health, or for recovery from illness. They have a particular resonance with the throat chakra and can calm that area. For those who do spiritual healing work, it can be helpful to hold a Spirit Flower Geode before beginning a session, because it's energies will clear one's energy system, making one a more open channel for healing.
    Spirit Flower Geodes are wellsprings of love, as well as serenity. They are excellent stones to give to those we love. And meditation with these stones can bring forward the wisdom of one's heart, making love a greater part of one's daily life.  





Under short wave UV light


Chalcedony :

Brings mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony.

Powerful Cleanser absorbs negative energy and transmutes it.

Promotes sister/brotherhood by enhancing group stability and is useful in assisting with telepathy.

Removes self-doubt and helps us to focus inwards and reflect. 

Flourite :

Draws off negativity, and stress by incorporating structure into our daily lives.

Use in purification for the physical or subtle body that is not in perfect order. 

Great for cleansing and stabilizing the aura.

Brings stability to groups, linking them into a common purpose.

Great for shutting down psychic manipulation and undue mental influence.

This stone is extremely effective against computer or electromagnetic stress.

Druzy Quartz :


Beneficial for self imposed limitations.

A multi-dimensional cellular memory healer, efficient receptor for programming, cleans and enhances the organs, immune system , brings the body into balance.

An energy enhancement crystal.


These will be exclusive to us at Barrie Goddess Crystals in Canada !

We are proud to be one of the first shops to find rare minerals and import them straight from the only supplier in Mexico !

These will be available on our website as well as on our social media pages !


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