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Barrie Goddess Crystals


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Rare new find in Oliveira dos Brejinhos Brazil

small buds of raw dumortierite natural specimen 

listing is for one small bud only $1 each 

The mental benefits of dumortierite include enhancing memory, sharpening intellectual skills, and becoming more perceptive. It can help those who are studying or people who need to stay alert for work – or whatever their day-to-day life demands. Its effect on memory makes it the first choice for people wishing to get in touch with their origins in terms of their past, their dreams, and being able to understand the path they’ve been walking in life. 

Great for sleep pillows !

Grids !

Under your pillow in a charm bag !

Dumortierite can also boost your intuition. As it helps with engaging in the world and your life in a conscious way, it can support your mind and allow it to be open to connection with the greater universe and metaphysical realm